Stacker Voices: Mark McLoughlin, Red Hat

Mark McLoughlinMark McLoughlin is a principal engineer at Red Hat who’s also the company’s OpenStack technical lead. He serves on both the OpenStack Technical Committee and as individual director on the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors.  More importantly, he’s the top committer to the Grizzly release.

We spoke at the OpenStack Summit in Portland about the often overlooked Oslo (openstack-common) project within OpenStack, which Mark leads. The Olso project produces a set of python libraries containing code shared by various OpenStack projects. The goal is to provide a common set of high-quality API libraries for the project, to follow a Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) model across projects, and to create a model for cross-project collaboration.

In the video, we discuss:

  • an overview of Olso (openstack-common) and how it enables DRY and cross-project collaboration

  • addressing technical debt to help OpenStack move more quickly and keep up with the six-month release cycles

  • how the governance model for OpenStack provides a balance among the interests of users, operators and developers

  • brief comparison of different governance models (Gnome Foundation vs. OpenStack Foundation)

  • the technical meritocracy nature of OpenStack


Check out the video, below. Or, watch on YouTube.