Stacker Voices: Russell Bryant, Red Hat

Russell BryantRussell Bryant is the PTL (Project Technical Lead) for OpenStack Compute (Nova) and has spent the past two years working on Compute in his role as a Principal Software Engineer for Red Hat. That combination of experience and technical leadership gives Russell a useful perspective on the complexity of running the Nova project and the evolution of OpenStack overall.

At the OpenStack Summit in Portland a few weeks ago, I talked to Russell about the technical challenges he manages in his role as PTL:

  • spinning nova-volume and nova-networking out of OpenStack Compute into OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) and OpenStack Networking (Quantum) respectively

  • progress toward feature-completeness of nova-networking under OpenStack Networking (Quantum) in Havana

  • the ongoing need for cross-project collaboration

  • shout outs to some of the key folks who’ve helped drive Nova forward

  • the development of sub-teams in OpenStack Compute interested in similar functionality

  • speeding up the developer feedback loop on performance and scaling issues

  • perspectives on nova-conductor, a traffic control layer above the hypervisor to facilitate communication between compute nodes and to abstract out database operations for security reasons


Check out the video, below. Or, watch on YouTube.