Stacker Voices: Thierry Carrez, OpenStack Foundation

Thierry CarrezThierry Carrez handles release management for the OpenStack Foundation and is chair of the project’s Technical Committee. Thierry was involved with the earliest incarnations of OpenStack while at Rackspace. We caught up with him at the OpenStack Summit in Portland to get Thierry’s insights into the release cycle, governance and his wish list for the project.


In the video, we discuss:

  • drivers behind the shift from a 3-month to a 6-month release cycle for OpenStack

  • managing the release cycle as OpenStack has grown from two to nine projects

  • the logic behind aligning the release cycle with the semi-annual Summits

  • the role of CI in improving interoperability and quality across all the projects

  • complementary roles of the board (resources, brand, trademark) and the technical committee (meritocracy of developers and code quality)

  • importance of motivating corporate contributors to invest more in long-term, strategic projects like documentation, security, QA, and test suite


 Check out the video, below. Or, watch on YouTube.